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Accounts Receivable Management

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Common Challenges with AR Management

Most practices write off large amounts of accounts receivable every year because they are unable to collect the outstanding balances. Some common challenges practices face with account receivable management are staff shortages, knowledge of insurance requirements, coding knowledge, expiration of timely filling, Local coverage determination rules, and informed guidance on billing and coding. Some common billing challenges are listed below.

ar management service common Challenges
  • Coordination of benefit between patient and insurance
  • Inactive Insurance
  • Insurance database errors
  • Medical record requirement for claims
  • Missing referral
  • Missing prior authorization
  • Provider is out-of-network
  • Missing claim information
  • Incorrect insurance information
  • Not meeting payer’s medical policy
  • Not following up with insurance within time limit
  • Incorrectly interpretation of explanation of benefit (EOB)

FC Billing Services

Billing & Coding Service

We streamline claim processing to minimize rejections. We meticulously review all medical records for accuracy before claim submission, ensuring your claims are processed smoothly.

Payment Posting

Stay on top of your finances with our error-free payment posting service. We maintain constant communication with insurances and patients, guaranteeing accurate and timely account management.

AR Management

We can optimize your revenue cycle. Our experienced team specializes in enhancing practice accounts, reducing financial strain, and maximizing your bottom line.

Eligibility Verification

Say goodbye to claim denials and write-offs. Our dedicated verification team ensures that your practice avoids costly errors by verifying health coverage and insurance requirements before patient’s visit.

Insurance Credentialing

Get credentialing done with ease. We navigate insurance on-boarding process quickly and efficiently, collaborating with local insurance managers to swiftly register your practice on insurance panels.

Enrollment & Revalidation

Seamlessly enroll and revalidate with confidence. We handle the paperwork for Medicare, Medicaid, and all other insurances, ensuring hassle-free access to essential programs, portals, and benefits.

FC Billing Advantage

Nationwide Medical Billing Company

Nationwide Reach

Serving practices across the nation.

Local Expertise

Comprehensive knowledge of local payer policies.

Customize Solution

Billing services tailored to your practice needs.


Hassle-free software compatibility.

Stay Informed

Keeping you updated on Billing and Coding Changes.


We are certified and Professional billers and coders.

Proven Results

Established success in optimizing practice income.

Dedicated Support

Providing exceptional assistance at every step.

Services Can be Customized Based on Your Needs

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Account Analysis and Management
  • Collections and Denial Management
  • Prior-Authorization for medical services
  • System Integration
  • EMR/Technology Integration
  • Insurance and Practice Fee Analysis
  • Medical Record Compliance
  • Patient Balance and Credit Follow-Up
  • Billing and Coding
  • Financial Analysis
  • Verification of Insurance Eligibility
  • Referral Management
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Practice Consultation
  • Coding Analysis
  • Insurance Refunds and Audit Follow-Up
  • Insurance Aging Follow-Up

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We’re here to streamline your medical billing and coding, optimize revenue, and prioritize exceptional patient care.

Account Receivable is the uncollected income for services provided by practitioners. Managing account receivable is extremely important for a viable business. Billers are responsible for bring in money for rendered services as quickly as possible and to ensure the accuracy of these payments.

We charge on percentage basis on payments that come in through our billing work.

Biller is the bridge between physicians and insurance companies. The biller loads pages of documents into few numbers and codes to let insurances know all they need to about an encounter. To convert words into codes, a proficient coder in invaluable to the medical practice.

Billing actually starts at the time of making appointments. If any demographics or insurance information is incorrect, claim will not get processed. Thorough verification is needed before patients come to see the doctor. Referrals cannot be generated after patient’s visit, so if referral is needed, office has to receive it before the visit. Claims will not get paid otherwise. Before any procedures, biller has to contact insurance to be certain if pre-authorization is required. This also cannot be done after the fact.

Account Receivable represents lost income. The best business policy is to keep AR as low as possible. To do that, payments must be brought in as close to the service date as possible. Any action that can be taken presently to avoid income loss should not be put off till the next day.

Definitely review your insurance and patient aging reports carefully. Also, take sample claims from your high-value bills and check to make sure proper payments are coming in.