Professional Insurance Credentialing Services

The insurance web gets more complicated each year. There are continuous changes in laws and regulations, health coverage, and reimbursement. Insurances have many different plans to choose from. There might be five to ten different plans under one insurance umbrella. Even established practices have to do new credentialing for newly created insurance plans.

It is of utmost importance to retain a copy of all contracts. Each contract comes with designated fee schedule, rules, and limitations for the provider. Contracts must be maintained and updated to assure proper payment for claims. We are prepared to do any credentialing work needed by established providers in the practice as well as new providers. We can help with building CAQH and state licensing as well. We can also work on new contracts with insurances.


Why Choose FCbilling Insurance Credentialing Services

FCbilling provides the best insurance credentialing service in USA. Our credentialing team has helped many medical practices throughout the country. From California to Tenneess and Texas to New York, we have successfully helped doctors become in-network providers.  Insurance credentialing is an important element to creating a successful medical practice. It is not only necessary to have physicians credentialed with insurances, but the Place of Service where providers will be treating patients need to be credentialed as well. The term, in-network, applies to providers who have completed all credentialing requirements and have signed a contract with insurance. Benefits of being credentialed are many. In-network or credentialed doctors and practices have several advantages when working with insured patients. They will be published in insurance websites so patients can easily find them. Patients feel comfortable going to in-network doctors because they know their visits/treatments will be covered. Claim processing is easier and faster for in-network doctors as well.

Our Insurance Credentialing Team works with:

insurance credentialing services for mental health providers
FCbilling service

What credential services do FCbilling offer?

FCbilling specializes in physician credentialing. We work with doctors of all specialties and in all states in USA. We will gather and organize all information, fill out forms, and submit to insurance. Credentialing departments for insurances are very particular about the information they want and when and how to submit  them. Our insurance credentialing team takes away all the headaches of complicated credentialing work from physicians. We will work with provider service department to speed up the process and get physicians in-network quickly. We are able to get healthcare providers credentialed with difficult networks, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Our low-cost credential services offers:

  1. Initial credentialing services
  2. Re-credentialing services



Credentialing team works in behalf of physicians and medical practices to get them contracted with insurances. Once contract is finalized, providers become covered entity for these insurance plans.

Insurance require physicians and medical practices to meet certain criteria to treat patients covered under their plans. Once the qualifications are met, insurance offers contract to the physician or medical practice for agreement. Once the terms and conditions are met by both parties, credentialing process is complete.

The first step is to create a CAQH account. If you already have a CAQH account, make sure all information is correct and updated. Once that is completed, contact provider service department of insurance and let them know you are interested to contract with them and ask them what their requirements are.

It can take anywhere from one month to six months to be credentialed.

Contact provider service department and let them know you are interested in contracting with them and ask them what their requirements are. Individual insurances will have their own set of requirements.

Credentialing specialist does all required work to get physician and medical practice contracted with insurance. They have gone through this process many times. They have established a connection with network managers and provider services. They are well aware of insurance requirements and are able to get contracting done efficiently and quickly.

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