Medical License Application

In order to practice medicine in any state, physician has to be licensed by the medical board of the state. Licensing process can take several months and will require the practitioner to gather and submit information from many different sources. We recommend to plan at least six months ahead for license application. Providers will also need to keep their malpractice company updated on any changes. Once doctors receive their state license, they need to make a careful note of the expiration date. They will receive an email and/or mail near the expiration date. It is very important to re-validate license within the allotted time to continue treating patients. We work with licensing board and NPPES registry for license application and taxonomy code registration.

Medical License Application

License Application Service

Our services include creating CAQH, contacting medical board, creating online files for physician vitals, and all other work needed for licensing and credentialing. We can help you create your CAQH, apply for State Licensing, set up Insurance Contracts, and Insurance Portals. We can also do Credential Maintenance and Re-validation.

CAQH is an online hub for insurance Credentialing data. In order to get credentialed or re-credentialed, providers need to keep CAQH updated. We have a highly experienced support team for new practice setup, provider on-boarding, and practice expansion.

Medicare, Medicaid, and other major insurances require contract update at regular intervals. Insurances refer to this process as ‘Re-validation’, ‘Re-Credentialing’, or “Credentialing Update”. We can take away the headache of dealing with insurances and make sure all your contracts are active and updated.

Advantages of Using Our License Processing Service

Our medical license service includes more than just submitting forms for board license application. We create and maintain NPPES and CAQH registry as well. We also do all insurance credentialing work needed by the medical practice. We organize all information for provider, contact license department regularly for updates, and keep provider informed about our progress.

As soon as license is issued, we can work on insurance contracting. Contracting with payers can be a difficult task. This process requires completing many forms and keeping regular contact with Provider Relations department and network managers. It is a time-consuming task that no one has the time for. No worries, we have contracting specialists to work on your behalf.

After completing State Licensing, Insurance Credentialing, Contracting, and Fee Schedule setup, we will work to create accounts for all insurance portals so that practices can keep updated with claims, payments, and follow-up.

Advantages of Using Our Medical Licensing Service

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Dedicated To Excellence

Highly skilled team

Our team of highly skilled credentialing and licensing professionals will work on provider’s behalf to complete any requirements. We have been working with insurances for past 5,475 days.

Excellent Service

We are an extension of the medical practice. We set up regular meetings with the office and give regular feedback on work progress.

Save Time and Money

Practices are busy completing their daily tasks. Hiring more employees means higher office cost. More employees also mean more oversight and more training. We can save doctors time and money and do all work efficiently.

Licensing is Done Quickly & Efficiently

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Proven Results

We have worked with provider applications in many different states. We have been extremely successful in credentialing and licensing physicians.

why choose us
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For assistance with Medical or DEA applications, please contact us. Whether this is your initial application, updating or maintenance of licenses, or change of state license, we will follow through and get all needed paperwork completed and processed.


In order to practice medicine in any state, a physician has to be licensed by the medical board of the state.

CAQH (The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) is an online database for providers, which maintains all information required by insurances.

Insurance contracting referrers to a legal agreement between a physician or entity and insurance company to treat patients covered under their plans.

Contracting is the legal agreement signed by physician or entity and insurance company. Credentialing is the process of meeting insurance requirements, filling out their application, and submitting all needed documents in order to get a contract offer.

Fee schedule portion of the contract specifies what the reimbursement for the provider.