Medical Practice Consultation

A well-managed practice does not have one good solution. It is a package of variety of actions which include patient processing, proper documentation, well-trained staff, effective communication, caring doctors, and efficient billing and coding.

Practice Management is a 360° task that starts with accurate patient processing and leads to a successful visit. For a patient visit to go smoothly, it is important to gather all necessary information before the visit date and make all relevant information available to the patient. With effective management, both the patient and the practice can enjoy a good outcome. By following a few fundamental guidelines, practices will greatly increase the number of satisfied patients and reduce burden on staff. A well-managed practice means happy patients, productive staff, and increased revenue.  

Operating a Medical Practice is more than Practicing Medicine

Managing a medical practice can be a challenging job, but a rewarding one as well. Each day presents new situations to cope with. Solution and great outcome will involve participation of every person working in the practice. We take on challenges that other billing companies shy away from. No job is too big or too small for us. We consult for Account Receivables, Claim Audits, Billing Analysis, Documentation Audits, Production Efficiency, and much more. 

Medical Practice Management Consultation Service

1. Account Receivables

We take on the challenge of recovering lost income for practices with our AR management service. During our research and recovery, we map out the causes for AR and then create a plan with solution and suggestion to avoid these pitfalls in future.

2. Claim Audit

We review exam notes to ensure documentation includes supporting evidence for billed services. If there is any missing information, we alert doctors to make needed addendums. Likewise, if we find service or information in medical records which has not been reflected on the claim, we give details to the provider to include any needed medical billing codes. We check for up-coding and down-coding issues as well. We also process insurance refund requests, medical review requests, and claim appeals.

3. Billing Analysis

We review practice billing for past 12 months. We review schedules, exam notes, claim submission, documentation, claim rejections, outstanding, and error rate. We put together a comprehensive report after our review and analysis is completed and we also provide recommendation for effective billing.

4. Production Efficiency

We work with providers to review different production reports. We generate reports by provider, billing codes, diagnosis, etc. We also create at a glance comparison reports and charts. With effective reporting, providers can create benchmarks and make informed decisions.

5. Service Documentation

We review supporting evidence for billed services. If there is any lacking in documentation for diagnosis of tests or procedures, we request correction by addendum by the provider.

6. Creating Success

We are able to do a practice reboot, reduce financial burden, help create an effective workflow, and increase the bottom line. We work toward a goal of reducing and eliminating insurance and patient aging balances.

medical practice consulting

How We Can Help Your Practice

We start by meeting with key people in the practice, take detailed notes, and discuss top priorities. We generate needed reports from billing software, clearing house, insurance portals, and gather information from doctors and staff. After documenting all data, we start working on the practice’s goals. We regularly report back to the practice on our findings and progress. Our time frame for practice consultation is defined by the practice needs.

medical practice consulting services

Identify Practice Needs – Mapping Success

Your practice needs are going to be unique to your clinic, staff, patients, and community. We work with all staff to identify these requirements and work diligently to create possible solution as a team.

Meetings – Navigating the Future

We meet with provider and office staff at regular intervals. We give daily feedback and report any new information we discover in the consultation process.

Reports – Sharing Solutions

We share all our reports and findings with the provider’s office. Our reports contain detailed explanation of our findings.


We have established communication with insurances. We do all preparation, submission, and follow-up to get doctors in-network with contracted fees schedules. We work with all specialties and all locations.

We can definitely review your documentation and billing to highlight any needed change or scope for improvement.

There are many possibilities for increasing revenue. This will be unique to each practice. We will have to work with your practice to identify new opportunities.

A patient who has not received care in the practice for 3 years + 1 day.

Fee schedule analysis is a lengthy process. Fees have to be compared will other similar insurances and providers in the area.

In order to reduce billing errors, biller has to take note of rejection reasons and put in safeguards to avoid them in future.

In order to hire a practice consultant, identify your practice needs and areas of the workflow you need help from consultant. Speak with consultants in-depth to see if they understand your unique needs.