What does Medical Staff Training Involve?

Well-trained staff is invaluable to a practice. Taking the time to train employees will pay off in many folds in future. Managers have the responsibility to train their staff and ensure they have the needed resources to do their job. We are here to help management in any way we can.

Phone receptionists, who will create appointments for patients, need to be trained on what questions to ask and what information to gather while scheduling patients. They also need to know how to explain services, doctor’s specialty, and insurance requirements in very simple terms. HIPAA training is also a must for any staff who is involved in patient processing.

Front desk receptionists have to be trained to greet patients properly, gather all demographics and insurance related information, check for referrals, pre-authorization, balances, and any other required information for the practice. While checking patients out, receptionists will need to make future appointments correctly to avoid any confusion for the practice or patient, keep patients informed about expectations for follow-up appointments, remind them about any requirements, and review appointment details before finalizing.

Staff preparing patients in the exam rooms need to be aware of documentation requirements, how to keep patients informed, and have an understanding of insurance requirements and HIPAA.

Technicians, nurse’s assistants, and patient coordinators need training on how to process patients in the exam room efficiently. They will need to gather all needed information for the visit, take appropriate history, explain to patient what to expect for the visit, and keep track of patient flow.


Let FCbilling Experts Help with Your Medical Staff Training

Medical staff training can be a daunting task. We are here to help aide management in any way we can. We have “Practice specific training program”. We develop a plan in conjunction with doctors and mangers to ensure all aspects of practice needs are addressed. Please contact us for more information.

Billing will need to coordinate closely with all office staff to make sure all needed information is gathered, documentation is done correctly, and understand all billing notes and alerts.


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Benefits of Well Trained Staff

Well trained is invaluable to the medical practice. They to do their job effectively, assist doctors to provide best possible care to patients, keep positive environment in the office, and become brand ambassadors for the practice.

What Is Included In A Healthcare Staff Training Program?

We Train Medical Office Staff

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