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  • 100% GuaranteeĀ on Claim Payment
  • Error-Free Full Cycle Billing
  • Maximized Reimbursement
  • Accomplish Revenue Boost
  • Credentialing Service
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Fee Schedule Consultation
  • Swift Claim Payout
  • Patient Scheduling
  • On Demand Coding Help
  • Staff Training
  • After Hours Call Center
  • No Software Migration
  • 20+ Years of Billing Experience
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Reducing Billing Errors

Billing is a highly skilled process, and if it’s not done by someone with the right expertise, thousands of dollars slip through the cracks.

We have helped many psychiatry practices to drastically increase their revenue.

Having experience and expertise in psychiatry billing is the key to increasing practice revenue. Each member of my team is highly trained to review insurance contracts and identify opportunities for improvement.

I will always remain as your point of contact, even after hours and weekends.

Farida Chowdhury

OCSR, AAPC Certified CEU Coding, HIPAA Certified, MA, BS

20+ Yr



Client Satisfaction

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Connect with FC Billing‘s expert billers and coders to streamline your revenue cycle and enhance billing efficiency. Ensure compliance and receive every dollar you are entitled to with our 100% Qualified Payment Guarantee.

Partner with us to maximize your revenue and eliminate insurance hassles.

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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Billing & Coding Service

We streamline claim processing to minimize rejections. We meticulously review all medical records for accuracy before claim submission, ensuring your claims are processed smoothly. We help doctors to code more efficiently.

Payment Posting

Stay on top of your finances with accurate payment processing. We maintain constant communication with insurances and patients, for optimal account management.

AR Management

We can optimize your revenue cycle. Our experienced team specializes in enhancing practice accounts, reducing financial strain, and maximizing your bottom line.

Eligibility Verification

Say goodbye to claim denials and write-offs. Our dedicated verification team ensures your practice avoids costly errors by verifying health coverage and insurance requirements before patient’s visit.

Insurance Credentialing

Get credentialing done with ease. We navigate insurance on-boarding process quickly and efficiently, collaborating with local insurance managers to swiftly register your practice in insurance panels.

Enrollment & Re-validation

Seamlessly get contracted with insurances for maximum reimbursement. We handle all processing for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances, ensuring hassle-free access to essential programs, portals, and benefits.

Biller Recommendation

“I have gone through three billers since 2019. One was a big Al-driven billing company, and none came close to Farida.

  • She understands TMS billing.
  • She understands Sparavto billing, both E/M based and buy&bill based.
  • She helped me negotiate fee schedules with United, Aetna and Cigna to match or exceed the fee schedules of Alma and Headway.
  • She helped me negotiate the fee schedule with Florida Blue. For those who are familiar with Florida Blue, you know exactly that this is usually “mission impossible”.
  • She also followed up on underpayments for a couple of years from Florida Blue, recovering tens of thousands for my practice.

– Dr. Bowarshi

“We’ve been working with Farida and her company for the past six years. Our experience was perfect, never had an issue with her company! All claims were submitted on time, all bills were sent to patients on time. Highly recommend her.

Also, I don’t want to forget that she has a good team that follows up on each unpaid or delayed claim.”

– Dina A. (Office Manager)

See Why Our Clients Love Us

Shabnam ShahabadiShabnam Shahabadi
17:53 28 Jun 24
We are very happy with our billing team. Farida and her team are efficient and thorough. I highly recommend them.
Troy BedinghausTroy Bedinghaus
17:07 28 Jun 24
FC Billing did a fantastic job and really helped us at a time when the AR was getting out of hand. Good communication and follow-up making sure claims were clean! Only switched because we changed EHRs and their systems are not compatible. They did a fantastic job.
Maria O'GaraMaria O'Gara
17:03 28 Jun 24
We've been using FC Billing for the last few years and they have really helped us to clean up our AR and collect payments that slipped through the cracks with other billing companies. Very detail oriented and will make sure that you get the maximum payment for services rendered. 10/10 recommend!
Colleen Crowell-RockColleen Crowell-Rock
00:31 28 Jun 24
For the past 8 years my experience with Farida and her team has been exceptional. Their streamlined and efficient billing processes have significantly improved our revenue cycle management, ensuring timely payments and reducing billing errors. Very knowledgeable and always prompt in solving any problems.Their services are highly recommended.
reza miralireza mirali
21:48 27 Jun 24
Farida and her billing company have been absolutely a god send. Farida is an honest, hardworking and thorough person who brings her skill set to the billing services she provides. I highly recommend her, her team and he billing company. R Mirali, MD
Nikola Ragusa, MDNikola Ragusa, MD
21:23 27 Jun 24
I have the pleasure of using FC Billing for the past three years. They are reliable, available to answer any questions, provide timely assistance and documentation. I recommend them to anyone that wants excellent services.
Abdul KhattabAbdul Khattab
19:57 27 Jun 24
I have been a customer of FC Billing, LLC for over 4 years.Farida and her team SAVED us tens of thousands every months in lost revenues and cleaned us 14 years of mess due to the previous billing company. The team is extremely capable, professional, responsive and kind.This is a 5 stars medical billing services company that we plan on staying as customers with for a very long time into the future.AMAZING team and AMAZING service.

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