Congratulations on your new practice!

We are so excited about your venture; we are ready to help and look forward to working with you. You must have a lot of questions and concerns. We can help. We have set up many new medical practices, and we are here to help you. We will set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs and create a custom-made plan for you. We will provide you with updates and set up meetings for discussion as well. We will do this together.

Starting a New Practice

State Board License for doctors

Step 1: New Practice Goals

Setting Goals

To start a new practice, there are many factors to consider. We will meet with your group regularly to discuss all steps. Points to consider are location, patient base, marketing, insurance credentialing, equipment, and much more.

Identifying Needs

We will work with doctors and staff to identify what work is needed to start the practice, what will be done by the office, and what needs to be delegated to our professional team.

Workflow Planning

With needs identified, goals set, and timeline established, we get to work. We work in conjunction with the practice to create a work plan and revisit it often to make notations and updates.

Step 2: Work to be completed

State Board License

If provider wishes to practice in a different state or apply for dual licensing, we will complete all forms and follow-up with licensing board in behalf of the provider.

DEA License

We work with Diversion Control Division of the state to complete all required steps to acquire DEA license for provider.

Credentialing/Insurance Contracting

We take all insurance headaches away from the practice and deliver quick and efficient result. We do all preparation, submission, and follow-up to get doctors in-network with insurances with contracted fees schedules. We work with all specialties and all locations.

Hospital Privilege

We will directly work with hospitals to get admitting privileges for doctors. We will create and update application portals, work with hospitals and providers for setting up training, and gather and submit all required information.

Staff Training

Staff training can be a daunting task. We are here to aide management in any way we can. We have “Practice specific training program” for staff. We develop work plan in conjunction with doctors and mangers to ensure all aspects of practice needs are addressed. Please contact us for more information.

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Simple practice setup

Step 3: Create Effective Workflow

Effective Scheduling

Patient schedule is the at-a-glance resource for the office. We will work with the practice to identify information which will be important to include in the schedule.

Identifying Practice Needs

Once practice needs are identified and goals/expectations are set, workflow creation can begin. Planning is work-in-progress. As new situations or needs come up, workflow has to be revisited and needed changes have to be made.

Assessment And Improvement

Workflow and Work Strategy is dynamic. Effective planning will include Observation, Documentation, Analysis, Feedback, and Plan Review.