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FCbilling provides billing and coding services for Ophthalmology in all states in USA. Proper billing and coding is an essential part of a successful Ophthalmology practice.


Ophthalmology and Optometry have a unique set of codes which are not used by any other specialty. These codes are referred to as Eye Codes. Having a thorough understanding of when to bill with Eye Codes and when to avoid them is crucial to Ophthalmology billing success. Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes have new criteria since January 1, 2021. E&M codes are now chosen based on medical decision making and time.

Billers need to maintain fee schedules of all insurances for the CPT codes billed by the practice. This way, billers and doctors can make informed decision on proper coding. There are also restrictions on which testing and procedures can be performed on same day as well as frequency limits on tests and procedures. Many Ophthalmology practices lose large amount of money each year for not understanding or following these guidelines.

FCbilling professionals participate in educational courses with American Academy of Ophthalmology on a regular basis. We attend Ophthalmology professional meetings and maintain Ophthalmology billing certification. We are well versed in Ophthalmology billing and coding and look forward to creating success for Ophthalmology practices.


Common Billing Issues in Ophthalmology

Benefits of Working with FCbilling for Ophthalmology

Three Easy Steps – That’s All That It Takes


Ophthalmology billing companies may have different contract setups. We work on a percentage basis. Our Ophthalmology billing service comes with a 100% guarantee on insurance claim payment.

Account Receivable represents lost income. The best business policy is to keep AR as low as possible. To do that, payments must be brought in as close to the service date as possible. Any action that can be taken presently to avoid income loss should not be put off till the next day.

We work with provider’s EHR and EMR, so there is not integration or downtime.

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